Deborah Streahle

Hi. I’m a historian who is curious about the world.

My goal is to spark conversations about neglected histories of health and caregiving in American life. I’m currently a PhD student at Yale University in the History of Science and Medicine program.

I’m also a freelance editor of articles, stories, and manuscripts.

Some of my past research questions include:

  • How and why did funerals become sites of activism (U.S. 1955-2000)?
  • How did mothers breastfeed their infants when medical advice conflicted with their experiences (U.S. & U.K. 1840-1950)?
  • What roles did nurses play in the early days of psychedelic therapy (U.S. & Canada 1950-70)?
  • How was the concept of children’s health invoked in legal debates surrounding marriage equality (U.S. 1990-2015)?

Check out my guest appearance on the fabulous Dead Ladies Show podcast featuring black feminist radical Flo Kennedy and nurse/inventor Bessie Blount!